Mechanical Engineering 2T6 + PEY | Minor in AI/ML | Engineering Business

About Me

I’m Aaryaman Singh, a second year Mechanical Engineering student @ University of Toronto. I am a Toronto-based tech enthusiast with a passion for engineering entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation. If you’re looking for a curious, driven individual with a passion for technology and innovation, and a deep interest in the startup ecosystem and AI/Machine Learning, feel free to reach out. Whether you want to discuss new opportunities or just chat, I’m always open to making new connections and exploring new ideas.


Here are some programming languages I use for development,
along with the technologies I am skilled in utilizing across different operating systems


  • Python
  • C
  • Java
  • JavaScript


  • GitHub
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD
  • AnsysWorkBench


FDM 3D Printer

Engineered a fully functional extruder and baseplate moving mechanism for an FDM 3D Printer using solidworks. Conducted comprehensive part selection and cost analysis. Made engineering drawings and specifications.

Air Compressed Piston

Fabricated a piston from a aluminum block by reading engineering drawings and specifications, and employed precision machining tools like Lathe, Mill, and Drill Press. Executed advanced design calculations for optimal center of gravity.

Smart Alerting Bracelet

Developed an alerting bracelet tailored for a girl with ADHD, in collaboration with clients from St. Lawrence College. Successfully executed the engineering design process, including Concept Design Specifications (CDS) and prototyping.

Music Genre Categorization Using Deep Learning

Performed data augmentation on GTZAN dataset, visualized the audio signals in the time domain, analyzed the frequency components of the audio signal over 0.01-second intervals by applying FFT, and generated spectrograms for the audio samples. Used feature extractor - AlexNet neural network and implemented a fully connected neural network as the classifier.

Gearbox Design

Designed a right-angle gearbox with a 3:1 reduction ratio using solidworks, applying GD&T to all drawings. Employed lean six sigma technique and achieved efficient rapid prototyping with an emphasis on design for manufacturability, limiting print time to under 6 hours and assembly to less than 10 minutes.

Laser Security System

Conceptualized and developed an innovative Laser Security System for doors, leveraging Arduino UNO technology, with the aim of enhancing security and preventing theft. Skillfully designed and assembled the system utilizing breadboard circuits and integrating IR sensors, achieving a seamless and responsive security solution with a focus on reliability and effectiveness.